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merkur Funksysteme AG is characterized by its high level of availability. Our virtually interference-free transmission technology increases design and technical flexibility in that sensors and actuators can be individually designed according to the rooms in which they are installed.

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This gives us the opportunity to flexibly install these sensors and actuators into rooms. Our wireless solutions are quick and easy to install, since no time-consuming construction work is required. This makes them ideal modernizing existing buildings. With modifications to the existing infrastructure, you gain flexibility through wireless data collection thereby reducing installation costs. In office buildings you can react quickly and easily to changing employee structures. There are no new cables to be laid. If necessary, install a new wall, put the sensors on the surface, integrate them into the network and use the data.

Typical applications include heating control, wireless valve control for heating control circuits by an actuator, meter readings (M-Bus, analog (0-10V, 0-20mA), digital (0/1, pulse counter), long distance control of heating, hot water optimization and brightness and temperature monitoring.


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Wireless sensors create added value for the industry

Case studies

Especially in large-scale industrial plants, connecting different measuring devices such as water meters or energy meters is not easy. If the measuring devices are far apart and not networked with each other, our wireless concepts are a solution.

Everybody is different. The individual regulation of room temperature is not only a question of comfort, but also a question of energy consumption. What is more, there are still many buildings that do not allow individual regulation. This means that all rooms on one floor (for example in an office or hospital) are cooled or heated automatically. This can lead to individual rooms being too cold and others too warm. With our wireless solution, you can control the optimum temperature for each room individually.

A common problem when dealing with cultural artifacts is moisture and mildew. Our temperature and humidity sensors actively monitor the objects and the rooms in which they are located. Our alarm system gives you additional security. All devices supplied by us are constantly checked from our radio control center to ensure they are working. If a battery is low or a wireless connection fails, you will be informed immediately. Thus we already offer a predictive maintenance for our radio solutions. In the medium-term, this level of foresight also optimizes maintenance costs.

Modern architecture and construction projects frequently require invisible installations. merkur Funksysteme AG responds to these demands in a simple way. Without the need for destructive cable installation, sensors and actuators are almost invisibly installed in the building. The very high ranges achieved within such buildings are particularly noteworthy. This significantly supports flexible use and setup.

Existing buildings require targeted data collection due to evolving regulations and changing needs. The wireless sensor technology can support you in this task. Temperature levels and air conditioning usage can be recorded and transmitted. The subsequent connection of energy measurements is also possible through a single system. In addition, valves or lighting groups can also be controlled wirelessly.

In listed buildings, significant energy-saving potential can often be exploited. Our radio system can facilitate a streamlined installation of the necessary sensors and actuators. Thick walls and long distances are no obstacle. With tried-and-tested fastening solutions, you can attach and detach the devices easily, without leaving a trace.

Wireless solutions for industrial buildings and industrial applications

Especially in large industrial buildings, larger distances often have to be bridged. Production halls and warehouses are often far away from each other. With its radio solutions, merkur Funksysteme connects different measuring devices such as water meters or energy meters over greater distances. Our radio systems make it possible to efficiently integrate several buildings or larger industrial buildings and production halls into an existing or new automation.

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